Below are a selection of activities that we can offer for school groups at Clophill Eco Lodges.  
Each fits into the national curriculum and is aimed at KS 1, 2, 3 or 4.
Click on each title for more information.

 Explorers’ Nature Encounter

 Seed Collecting

Tree & Plant ID 

Bug Hunting

 Bush Skills basics plus an introduction to woodland flora and fauna. Learn about native plants and how to recognise their seeds.  Seeds will be gathered for Kew Seed Bank. Discover the native plants and trees that grow in our hedgerows and woods.  Recognise them and learn about protecting them. Learn to find and recognise different native insects, and which ones to avoid!

 Inspired English

 Bush Skills

 Ecology is Everywhere

 History Around You

 Use the beauty of Old St. Mary’s Church to help inspire a fictional story. Build a shelter, forage for food, start a fire and learn the basics about edible & Awesome  Learn the basics of fungus – where, how and why as well as what not to eat! Select from four different history based activites covering everything from 1066 to today.

 Awesome Archaeology

 Art Safari

Eco Passport

     Geology Rocks

Handle ancient artefacts collected from the sites visible from the tower. Understand how and why things have changed since Neolithic times. Bring out the inner artist with a range of activities; bulb art, leaf collages, natural dream catchers and more. Use map skills to follow the Eco Trail and learn about sustainability & environmental impact. Learn, with our partners from Bedford Geology Group, about the rocks beneath your feet and how they formed our landscape millions of years ago.


If you do not see what you are looking for, or would like more information on anything, please do not hesitate to contact us on 07935 911207 or