Are we dog friendly?

Very much so…dogs love it here. We have tons of walks straight from the door, suitable flooring, fridge for food as well as water bowls and blankets.

Are there any restrictions for dog owners?

Only the normal restrictions of making sure your dog is under control and respecting other guests. Your pooch can come into the Nest at breakfast time and can stay in your room. Our warden has 2 cats and we have wildlife wandering around the site (deer, squirrels, foxes) so we ask that you are responsible. We have a relaxed attitude with dogs and they can wander around so long as you do clean up after them.

Are there limits to the number of dogs you can bring?

This obviously depends on the size of your dogs. The lodges aren’t huge and so more than two might be tricky if the dogs are big. We have an outside area which can be used at a cost of £20/night if you have very big dogs or they prefer to sleep outside.

Any dog friendly attractions/pubs/cafes nearby?

Our local pub, the Stone Jug, is famous for their dog hospitality. We also have a local pooch parlour to DIY wash your dog or get it groomed, lots of dog equipment as well as the Paws4Play dog day care. There are several dog friendly attractions nearby like Wrest Park outside café and play area, Woburn Deer Park and Stotfold Mill Nature Reserve.

Does it cost to bring your dog?

No, dogs stay for free so long as they are accompanied by well behaved owners!

Leaving your dog in your room

We ask that you don’t leave your dog in your room as we would like it to enjoy its stay as much as you. We do have day care centres nearby as well as dog walking facilities locally.



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